The State of Arms Transfer Controls in Finland – Summary

TP5_kansipieniSaferGlobe Finland has produced an analysis of the Finnish export control system. This was prompted after it discovered that Finland exported weapons and related military equipment to Bahrain in 2011 worth over 3.5 million Euros. SaferGlobe Finland’s analysis reveals information not available from official records: only one fourth of these exports have been publicly reported in Finland’s official export control statistics. Furthermore, less than half of the exported materiel was processed through the export control system, leading the Finnish peace movement and Amnesty International Finland to ask the National Bureau of Investigation to investigate the Bahrain case.

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Mitä viedään ja kenelle – Selvitys asevientivalvontajärjestelmän nykytilasta
By Elli Kytömäki and Jarmo Pykälä
Background Paper (5), SaferGlobe Finland, 2013.
Pages: 36, ISBN: 978-952-6679-05-1 (pdf).