It is our passion to seek new perspectives for the world’s security problems. Our experts will assist your organisation in finding new solutions for developing your activities. Even small steps that contribute to peace and security can have significant positive impact on the operating environment. Please contact us to find out how SaferGlobe can assist you in your work.

  • Conflict sensitivity evaluations – We have ready-made tools for evaluating the conflict sensitivity of development projects.

Tailored research

We offer independent research in areas of peace and security, which will be conducted by members of the network. Our membership includes experts in many specific areas. The results of the report can be delivered to you as a training session, lectures or a report; depending on what suits your needs best.  In general, we publish our studies, but if the study includes confidential material or is to be used by your organization internally, the results can also be kept confidential

  • What would your organization like to know? We can create tailored research projects on peace or security.

Services for the Media

News – Our research has been covered by all types of national and international media. Our newsletter can be ordered here, and our previous publications are available here. For news regarding our forthcoming releases, please contact our office.