About us

SaferGlobe is an independent peace and security think tank, studying and developing tools for the promotion of lasting peace and security.

Why do we use so much effort researching war instead of peace? How can we create knowledge that can be implemented to promote peace and produce the  practical solutions for solving security problems?” These were the questions we were asking ourselves when we realized there was a need for doers in peace and security, and so was SaferGlobe born in 2009.

Our members range from seasoned experts to young academics, and from military personnel to peace researchers. Many of our members have practical experience from conflict or post-conflict zones. SaferGlobe has published over twenty reports, many of which have been covered by the Finnish television or other national or international news media. Our work in English has been limited, but is now growing. We focus on creating tools and combining knowledge with technology.

Understanding peace and security requires cooperation between different academic disciplines as well as practice and theory.  Through our network of researchers, we have expertise on a wide range of topics from local security priorities to conflict sensitive business, arms control and development of crisis management.

Support us and promote peace! As we are independent, all support is very valuable.  You can support us in a number of ways.

  • Grants are important for us to continue to make independent research.  Grants can be earmarked for specific projects. For example, the yearly report on Finnish arms exports is financed by research grants. Please contact our office for more information.
  • Social media. We want to be heard, please follow us @saferglobe.

Currently, we have about 80 members. Most of our work is carried out in virtual teams.  We are able to bring different kinds of people together to share their knowledge and expertise; with the aim of creating new thinking and new solutions regardless of their present geographic position.

Apply for membership by sending an email to our office, see contact details. Please tell us:
•    Your full name, address, country of residence, phone number and email address
•    Which type of membership you wish to apply for
•    Your reasons for joining us and how you would like to contribute to our activities

The yearly membership fee is 50 euros (30 euros for concessions). All memberships are approved by SaferGlobe’s board.  Please note that our  main working language is Finnish. You are welcome to join us even if you are not Finnish-speaking, but you may not be able to fully enjoy the benefits of membership.