The Rapoport Peace Price Nomination Period is Now Open

The Rapoport peace price annually awards a prize to an MA thesis or the equivalent, which aims to build peace. The applications will be assessed on the basis of the scientific merit of the work, its multidisciplinary research approach, its applicability to practical work and its forward-looking, peace-building vision.

The thesis must have been finished and graded in 2023 or 2024 in a Finnish Institute of Higher Education or by a Finnish Citizen.

The 2024 prize will be awarded in September 2024 and is €1000. The winner and potential honorable mention recipients will be invited to present their work at a seminar for Finnish peace research and peace work practitioners to be held in conjunction with the award ceremony.

Nominations for the award must be done by 4.15 pm, 30th August, 2024. The nominations may be done by the candidate themselves or e.g. their advisor. Nominations must be made on an online form available here.

The Anatol Rapoport- peace research fund support multidisciplinary peace research and publication of research results. The fund is a named fund operating with the Leo Michelin Foundation. It´s core capital consists of donations received in 2020 from four individuals with an interest in peace research. SaferGlobe acts as the fund´s custodian.

For more information on the fund or the Leo Mechelin Foundation, please visit their www-site: (