Sannimari Veini started as a new arms control intern at SaferGlobe

Sannimari Veini, a law student who started at SaferGlobe on Feb. 1, introduces herself as follows:

“My name is Sannimari and I am a new arms control intern at SaferGlobe! I am studying law at the University of Turku and currently I am writing my master’s thesis about the international regulation of chemical weapons, and about the possibilities and challenges of international law in general.

During my internship, I will enhance my knowledge of arms control and disarmament issues, create summaries and research paper on themes of the internship, and of course build important networks. I am really looking forward to the upcoming months!”

The internship is a part of the EU Non-Proliferation Consortium‘s internship program. The intern will participate in SaferGlobe’s arms control work and compose a research paper on the chosen topic. Sannimari will work at SaferGlobe until Apr. 30.

Welcome to our team!