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07/07/2015 A new SaferGlobe report “Nordic Arms Transfer Controls and the Arms Trade Treaty: Strengths and Challenges” published

A new SaferGlobe report ”Nordic Arms Transfer Controls and the Arms Trade Treaty: Strengths and Challenges” compares the arms transfer control structures of four Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway) as they relate to exports, imports and transfer of conventional arms. Read more…

19/05/2015 IECEU – Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities in EU conflict prevention –project is launched in May 2015

SaferGlobe participates in the new IECEU project which started in the beginning of May 2015 and will last until end of February 2018 (33 months). The project aims towards enchancement of European Union (EU) external activities. Read more…

21/04/2015 The Nordic Arms Transfer Controls seminar was held in the House of Estates on 14 April

The public seminar on Nordic Arms Transfer Controls, held on 14 April, gathered together around 50 representatives of ministries, civil society and citizens interested in the topic. You can find the presentations and speeches here.

14/04/2015 INVITATION: Nordic Arms Transfer Controls and Global Challenges

On Tuesday 14 April 2015, SaferGlobe, in co-operation with the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will organize a public seminar to discuss challenges related to Nordic arms transfer controls and the challenges of exporting conventional arms to fragile regions. Read more…

10/12/2014 Arms Transfer Control Systems: Present Practice and Future Challenges
SaferGlobe is embarking on a new project to compare the arms transfer control structures in the Nordic countries. The Project aims to produce good practice and tools to answer to the future needs of arms transfer controls, and to increase our understanding of the implications of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on the Nordic systems.

The project and its findings will be promoted to a variety of audiences: In April 2015 Saferglobe, in cooperation with the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will organize a seminar entitled “Arms Control in Fragile Contexts – Horn of Africa”. The project’s final report will be presented at the first Conference of States Parties to the ATT later in 2015.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

12/9/2013 Finnish Arms Export Report 2012
In 2012, more military equipment were exported from Finland than in any other year this decade. Read more…

11/8/2013 The State of Arms Transfer Controls in Finland
SaferGlobe Research Network has produced an analysis of the Finnish export control system. SaferGlobe Finland’s analysis reveals information not available from official records: only one fourth of the Finnish weapons and related military equipment exports to Bahrain in the year 2011 have been publicly reported in Finland’s official export control statistics. The English summary of the report published in September is available here.

9/12/2013 Strengths of EU’s Civilian Crisis Management
According to a small-scale survey conducted among Finnish civilian crisis management experts, the greatest strengths of EU’s civilian crisis management lie in well-trained personnel and the ability to gain the confidence of the actors in the operation area. One question in the survey concerned the contribution of Finnish personnel to EU’s civilian crisis management operations. According to the survey sample, Finnish crisis management personnel was able to contribute to the operations with a neutral and diplomatic attitude towards all parties involved. The experts criticised the bureaucratic procedures of EU’s civilian crisis management operations as burdensome. Nevertheless, most of the respondents claimed that the operations had been successful in achieving their goals. The survey consisted of open-ended questions based on the Appreciative Inquiry Method and was conducted in May 2013.

3/18/2013 Significant Arms Shipments from Finland to Bahrain in Wake of Arab Spring
In the wake of the Arab Spring, shipments of Finnish firearms, ammunition and weapon components were made to Bahrain. SaferGlobe Research Network report on Finnish Arms Exports in 2011 (2013) further analyses Finnish arms exports to Bahrain as well as exploring other instances, where Finnish arms exports were contrary to human rights promotion. Read summary.