Information on Finnish arms exports in 2020 and an article about exceptional export licenses published

SaferGlobe’s Finnish Arms Control Report has today been updated with information on Finnish exports of military material and civilian arms and export licenses granted for dual-use items in 2019. In addition, SaferGlobe has published an article in Finnsih examining the exceptional export licenses to UAE for military material Finland granted last year. In 2020 SaferGlobe […]

Nordic Arms Transfer Controls and the Arms Trade Treaty: Strengths and Challenges Published on 7.7.2015

A new SaferGlobe report ”Nordic Arms Transfer Controls and the Arms Trade Treaty: Strengths and Challenges” compares the arms transfer control structures of four Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway) as they relate to exports, imports and transfer of conventional arms. The report presents cases of good practice and identifies challenges related to addressing […]

Finnish Arms Exports 2012

SaferGlobe Research Network Release 12/9/2013 In 2012, more military equipment were exported from Finland than in any other year this decade. The exports were altogether worth of 113 million euros. The exports of military equipment increased 30 percent in the five year period of 2008-2012 when compared to the previous five year period  (2003-2007). As […]