EU Conflict Prevention

IECEU: Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities in EU Conflict Prevention

IECEU-LOGO2SaferGlobe is a partner of the IECEU (Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities in EU Conflict Prevention) research project coordinated by the Laurea University of Applied Sciences. SaferGlobe has developed the conceptual framework and holds a central role in the project.

The IECEU project aims to enhance the conflict prevention capabilities and develop solutions that enable the EU to better respond to challenges and crises that may arise in the future. Special attention is directed towards the EU’s capacity to prevent conflicts, partake in civilian and military crisis management and the building of sustainable peace. We aim to better understand the effects of conflict prevention and of civilian crisis management as well as enhance the foreign security capabilities of the European Union.

The IECEU project analyses the impact of civilian crisis management missions and crisis management operations. By conducting thorough analysis we can find best practice solutions that the EU can utilize in order to improve the effectiveness of its missions in the future. IECEU develops the cooperation between organisations and aims to develop practices with which the EU can better guarantee a sustainable and stable society in the long run.

The project consortium consists of eleven organisations from seven different countries and includes both civilian, research, and military organisations. The Laurea University of Applied Sciences is the main coordinator of the project. The Finnish partners in the project consists of the Crisis Management Centre Finland, the Finnish Defence Forces International Centre and the SaferGlobe think tank.

The Finnish lead IECEU project, funded by Horizon 2020, began in May 2015 and will continue until February 2018.